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Callum Vincent live on the Stout Stage

Sourcing his inspiration through his travels, Callum Vincent’s music speaks of the simplicity’s of life, its ups and downs, and our connection to all things around us.  An advocate of Freedom, Love and Equality, Callum connects deeply with his audience, finding a common ground and taking you on a journey through his mind.

Growing up in coastal Western Australia, Callum draws on his creative flow from the ocean and the diverse landscape his country has to offer.  Returning from 6 months of exploring Europe and North Africa, his music sheds light on the cultural diversities of our planet and the patterns of which we move through life.  His experiences have enkindled a flame of motivation that Callum draws upon to capture memorable moments throughout his performance.

With passionate, emotive vocals, accompanied by his particular finger-style guitar, Callum delivers an array of emotions throughout his set.  A confused childhood, not quite knowing where his life was to lead, left him standing center stage with nothing but a guitar and an idea that music could change everything.